Five Easy Ways to Spread Your Brand Through Social Media

Social media is an easy, inexpensive way to reach your audience and is perfect for small businesses with small budgets, according to a recent Fox Businessarticle.

The article provides five rules for making the most of your social media, including:

  • Clearly define what you want your brand to look like. Determine how you stand out from your competitors and what makes your customers choose you. This is the message you’ll want to deliver to your customers.
  • Be responsive. Designate a person to check and respond to social media communication. Your responses show customers you value them.

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Social Media Marketing Benefits


Social media isn’t going anywhere, and if your staffing firm isn’t using it to market, you should be. Here are some benefits of social media marketing from Business 2 Community, an independent online community focused on sharing the latest news surrounding social media, marketing, branding, public relations and more:

  • Builds brand - Social profiles can rank on their own in the search engines, increasing your online presence. They are also one more place for you to develop your messaging strategy, connect with your target audience and inject some personality into your brand.
  • Drives targeted visitors to site - Your social networking profiles are not the final destination of a potential customer. They’re more like a filter, attracting targeted traffic and pushing them over to your actual site. The more targeted visitors your site has, the better chance you have of pushing them to act and increasing your conversion rate.

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