How to Apply for Payroll Factoring with TemPay

At TemPay, we pride ourselves on transparency with our clients. We understand the temporary staffing business, and we communicate with you clearly and completely to avoid surprises and objectionable “fine print” in our temp factoring contracts.
TemPay will work with you to establish a temp staffing factoring contract designed to address your staffing company’s unique needs. This staffing company factoring contract will clearly spell out the relationship between TemPay and your staffing firm. We recognize its terms and timing are critical to your profitability and our success.

The TemPay Payroll Factoring Process

How to apply for payroll factoring in just 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact Us or fill out this confidential credit application form.
  2. TemPay runs a credit check on you and on your business.
  3. If you are approved, TemPay meets with you to discuss rates, terms and conditions.
  4. TemPay provides you with a draft contract that includes terms, conditions and rates.

Our 20 years of experience in the temporary staffing industry, affordable rates and outstanding customer service allow us to alleviate your headaches stemming from cash flow management and back-office operations. Applying for temp agency factoring with TemPay is easy and affordable and allows you to focus on your business growth while we handle the administrative details.

Ready to learn more about TemPay and what we can do for you? Apply now or contact us online or by phone at (866) 6TemPay for more information about payroll factoring.