TemPay Complete Solutions Software®

TemPay Complete Solutions Software® bottles what TemPay provides its clients in a customizable software package. This state-of-the-art software solution will reduce your costs and give you more control over your daily and long-term operations.

Built with flexibility and scalability in mind, TemPay Complete Solutions® is the same software TemPay uses to manage its clients’ businesses cost effectively and reliably. An instant dashboard allows you to view your firm’s gross margin, billing, hours and dispatched personnel in a single view no matter the number of your locations. TemPay Complete Solutions® gives you all the administrative tools needed to take complete control of front- and back-office processing.


TemPay Complete Solutions® can:

  • Dispatch and pay 1 to 1,000 employees rapidly and efficiently
  • Create job orders in your preferred format
  • Allow access to your secure data wherever you are
  • Establish a credit limit lockout to ensure complete control over dispatch
  • Enable total administrative control over all offices
  • Formulate detailed gross margin reports to stay on top of your numbers
  • Create customer quotes rapidly and precisely


Without irritating pop-up screens or moving back and forth between screens, the easy-to-use TemPay Complete Solutions® significantly reduces frustrations. It enables your company to react even more quickly to opportunities and respond to challenges more efficiently.

Another feature of TemPay Complete Solutions®—paycheck security enhancement—helps cut down on the potential for theft and fraud. Using MICR check printing technology, the software eliminates the need for you to store boxes of checks that could be stolen.

More than customized software, TemPay Complete Solutions® comes with personalized training and assistance too. If a problem arises, TemPay Complete Solutions® support is only a phone call away.

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