TemPay Payroll Factoring Services and Solutions

TemPay provides financial backing and support, serving as your payroll factoring and funding solution. With our diverse range of customizable outsourcing solutions, from money-only services to full back-office operations, TemPay provides a bright outlook for the future growth of your business. Working in the industry more than 20 years, we know your financial and administrative challenges. As your behind-the-scenes partner, TemPay gives you the freedom to build your core business and increase sales. Are you ready for liberation from your business headaches? Read on or contact TemPay today to discuss how we can help you to manage your agency more effectively and become more profitable.

A Range of Payroll Factoring Services and Solutions

One of the biggest challenges faced by staffing firms is managing cash flow efficiently because employees need to be paid weekly, but payment from customers is typically 30, 45 or even 90 days away. TemPay helps you clear the cash flow hurdle with its invoice factoring and related services. Whether your firm desires a money-only partner or a full-service partner who handles payroll, invoices and other administrative burdens, TemPay is the most responsive, affordable and personalized choice.

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