FAQs: Employee Connection – Payroll Funding and Processing

Does TemPay offer direct deposit?

TemPay offers standard direct deposit and payroll cards, which can be used at any ATM or store that accepts credit and/or debit cards.

Can employees cash their checks at a local bank or TemPay’s bank?

TemPay issues paychecks drawn on national banks. By offering direct deposit and payroll cards, employees don’t have to deposit their paychecks at all. Staffing firms also have made arrangements with their bank or nearby local banks to enable their temporary employees to cash paychecks.

Does TemPay provide health insurance for my temp employees?

We have an alliance with a company that provides affordable health insurance for temporary employees. The cost of the insurance is deducted from the employee’s bank account or payroll card. TemPay works with other brokers on insurance, including Essential StaffCARE.

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